Team Spirit in the Home Office – How we brought employees together worldwide

Team Spirit in the Home Office – How we brought employees together worldwide
Summer Games with Deutsche Telekom

Summer Games with Deutsche Telekom

The home office is both a curse and a blessing: on the one hand, more peace and flexibility, on the other hand, less room for the brief small talk with colleagues that often happens all by itself in the office in the hallway or at the coffee machine. For many companies, one of the major challenges of the pandemic was to maintain cohesion among team members despite the home office, sometimes across the globe and at different locations. Read here how we took this challenge as an opportunity to create a fun and bonding team event.

Deutsche Telekom employees were to be networked and brought together in the home office. The team spirit was to be maintained and communication and the sense of togetherness among employees promoted.

We have developed an individual concept for Deutsche Telekom: The Summer Games. Consisting of a branded landing page and a total of three activities, the Summer Games ran for two full weeks, worldwide in different time zones and locations. Participants had a total of 14 days to register online for three activities each and complete them. Participation was possible in German and English. The scores were available to all participants at all times, which further increased motivation among the teams.

The special feature? By participating in a Smart Outdoor Challenge, each individual participant could collect points for their own team. Each team in turn collected points in the digital team event “Journey Around the World” or in the digital team development “Mission to Mars”.


In the final of the Summer Games, we crowned individual and group winners, which contributed greatly to the enthusiasm of the participants. By providing our own online platform, we were able to strengthen the sense of belonging and provide the participants not only with a change from their daily work routine, but also with entertaining and sociable moments. The participants thus had the opportunity to get closer to each other despite the pandemic and to connect in a playful way.


Summer Games mit der Deutschen Telekom


We would like to thank Deutsche Telekom for this great order!

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