Individual team development and team training

Team development and team training unfolds its greatest effect when it is completely tailored to the specific requirements and needs of a team. Through a targeted emotional appeal and sufficient cognitive input, we achieve an “aha” effect with lasting impact.

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In our team development/team training sessions, we work with intelligent, thematically appropriate active modules that we adapt individually to each team. These tools provide our experienced team trainers with a variety of options for working with the team in depth and providing the right impulses. Through active experience, the insights are largely generated from within the team itself, making them all the more effective. In this way, we enable lively, practical experiences with long-term effects that are also a lot of fun. And to ensure that the learning success is not only emotionally tangible, but also objectively verifiable, our team trainers make use of various supporting analysis tools and measurement methods.

We accompany you, for example, in the following topics:

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    Team building and team dynamics

    A team development/team training helps to strengthen the relationships in the team, build trust in each other and thereby strengthen the overall cooperation.

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    Communication Skills

    Effective communication is critical to team success. Training can help the team improve their communication skills – both verbal and non-verbal.

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    Problem solving and decision making

    Team development/team training teaches techniques for creative problem solving and decision making. This makes it easier to make well-founded joint decisions.

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    Efficiency and productivity

    By teaching specific techniques regarding time management and work organization, team development/training can increase team efficiency and productivity.

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Fully exploiting team potential

Team trainings can be a building block of a long-term team development process. In our BITOU team trainings we focus on specific topics or certain skills that you want to train or optimize. Each training is individually tailored to the respective team and deals specifically with the areas in which there is a need for optimization. In this way, we work with you to fully exploit your team’s potential and thus improve its performance quickly and sustainably.

“We trigger teams –
emotionally and cognitively –
for a sustainable
learning effect”

Joachim Grittmann – Management BITOU

How we can support you

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The concrete objective of an individual team development/team training should be closely linked to the current challenges, needs and goals of the team. It is important to define clear and measurable goals and to design the team development/team training in such a way that the team benefits from it in the long term. You determine the exact objectives in advance with our trainers in a detailed consultatio

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Learning effects

In addition to the specific learning effects defined by the objective, team development/team training always achieves general effects as well. For example, communication and feedback culture are improved, leadership skills are further developed and problem-solving skills are enhanced. In addition, through active modules, we ensure that cooperation is strengthened, motivation is increased and trust between the participants is consolidated.

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Our analytics tools help us determine the status quo before the training. We then use our Scorerecord tool to measure change during the training by gathering direct feedback from participants. We also check how team performance changes in our active modules – depending on the module, the change can be measured in individual steps. We are happy to implement long-term monitoring together with you.

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Successfully implemented personalization and individual concepts

Here you will find a selection of examples, individualized team events

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