Individual workshops – lively, experiential, sustainable

There are many reasons why teams go into retreat. Individual workshops are usually interactive and collaborative events designed to develop visions, optimize processes, solve problems or generate new ideas.

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Good reasons for BITOU workshops with active elements

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Through a variety of active modules and creative ideas, we turn our individual workshops into a lively, experiential and sustainable experience for every team. It doesn’t matter what kind of team it is: already well-rehearsed or still in the discovery phase, large or small, physical or hybrid, at executive or project level. Depending on the objective, participants take away a variety of take-aways from our workshops, e.g. inspiration and motivation, the ability to act and an action plan, trust and self-confidence, a lot of fun, positive experiences, new perspectives – and, in any case, concrete results at the end.

We accompany you, for example, on the following topics:

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    Problem and conflict resolution

    Your goal is to identify complex problems, conflicts or challenges, improve communication and develop joint solutions.

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    Strategy development

    You want to develop the future direction and strategy of your team or company, define visions and goals, and create action plans.

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    Training and continuing education

    Your team should learn new skills or deepen and consolidate existing skills (especially in the area of cooperation and emotional competence).

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    Brainstorming and team building

    You want to generate creative ideas, innovative approaches and new perspectives or promote collaboration, communication and team spirit.

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Together to the best solution

Whatever goal you want to achieve for your team: BITOU’s experienced facilitators and team trainers will support you with all their skills and bring in active elements from BITOU’s large repertoire. Even with very special requests we will surely find a suitable solution for you. Please contact us!

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How we can support you

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The exact objective depends on the needs and requirements of the team and the type of individual workshop. Your BITOU facilitator will advise you in detail and ensure that the goal is precisely formulated in advance and can be achieved in the workshop. Furthermore, he will ensure during the workshop that all participants work towards the same goal and that the workshop is successful.

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Learning effects

The learning effects within a workshop are manifold and strongly depend on the individual design and implementation of the event. We place the highest value on learning at different levels in order to achieve the greatest and most sustainable impact possible. We promote workshop success through active participation, visualization, exercises and the creation of contexts.

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At the end of a workshop, it is the results that count. In order to be able to determine whether the defined team goals were achieved, the success of the workshop must therefore be thoroughly analyzed and evaluated. Your BITOU trainer therefore determines the parameters together with you in advance and defines suitable methods to measure the success. We are happy to provide you with our Scorerecord tool for this purpose.

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Successfully implemented personalization and individual concepts

Here you will find a selection of examples, individualized workshops

It is high time to rethink employee motivation!
Team Development
It is high time to rethink employee motivation!
Whether we are motivated and efficient at work is strongly related to the DELIs. Whether teams realise their performance potential and whether it is fun to work in this team is also a result of motivation and appreciation.

Are you interested in an individual workshop?

Contact us with your individual requirements. We will be happy to advise you.

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