Marcus Richter

Team trainer, motivator and moderator
important stations
  • Training as Integral Live Consultant, Instructor: Veit Lindau Life Trust Academy
  • Training as Innermetrix Personality Diagnostic Coach, Instructor: Peter Maximilian Malchiner, Innermetrix
  • Conflict and Communication Skills through Council and Super-Vision Instructor: Reinhard Bielefeld ARSeminars
Marcus Richter
Deutschlandkarte Freiburg
Sprachen dt. / eng.

„Everything truly great takes place through slow, almost imperceptible growth. “

About me

My great passion is to set impulses and create interpersonal meeting spaces. I invite to become more aware, encourage to leave the comfort zone and love it when new things are experienced and reflected with ease and joy to grow further.

Innovative team challenges and creative sustainable training concepts are the guarantee to work successfully in teams for teams.

The interplay of fun, growth and meaningfulness is the reason why I love my job.



  • Siemenswerke Berlin
  • Mazak Industries
  • Sparkassenversicherung

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