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Chain Reaction Hybrid
8 – 3.000
90-180 minutes

Chain Reaction Hybrid

What is better than a team that mutually knows and trusts each other? When all hands mesh together, when individual work steps work without a hitch – the outstanding results emerge which everyone can be proud of. The team event Chain Reaction makes exactly this …
Crime Time Hybrid
90 minutes

Crime Time Hybrid

How do teams exchange information beyond locations? This question occupies many companies. Crime Time as a hybrid team event helps to gain clarity and supplies new impulses for a team to create structures or refine them. The way leading to this is discovered by the …
Black Out Hybrid
4 – 2000
60-120 minutes

Black Out Hybrid

Team building, keeping your distance and a breath of fresh air. The hybrid outdoor online team event »Black Out« connects all of these aspects with each other. In small teams, clues are collected in active motion outside, in order to solve exciting tasks together which …

Hybrid events – an alternative in team building?

Popular classics rethought: you can book more and more of our team building formats hybride team events. Through these, colleagues come together in smaller groups in different places. They are connected to other teams through online interfaces – and all pull together. The ideal solution for teams who are growing into digital work.

Your advantage with hybrid team evens: unlike a pure online team event, personal exchanges take place which is so important for team building, but just in small groups. This makes maintaining distance easier – and in addition also saves travel costs and valuable working time, because teams from different regions don’t need to travel.

Stay strong and productive as a team!

What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events are a combination of real, physical meeting and online communication. An example: multiple small groups come together in a particular location and are in exchange with each other through an online conference system. So that there is no confusion, a hybrid event is normally presented.

A further variant of hybrid events: only one small group comes together in a location, their activities are then transmitted to individual viewers through a stream. In this way, hybrid exhibitions or expert discussions can be transmitted to a wider target group for example.

What are the advantages of hybrid events?

Through hybrid events, larger companies and organisations can make conferences, company trips or team events environmentally friendly – as they save the travelling, and through this, time, money and petrol.

Especially in the times of forbidden contact during the worldwide Corona pandemic, hybrid events have proven themselves to be a better alternative to a pure online event in many cases: at a team building event it can be an advantage when at least a few colleagues meet personally. In this way, it is easier for an us-feeling and energy in the room to arise. When new colleagues join the team or if a conference is completely new for some participants, personally getting together in small groups can be more appropriate.

Hybrid events are also a possibility to reduce contact and therefore the transmission of viral illnesses. We are convinced that this alternative in team building will also stay even after the Corona pandemic – especially during the classic cold and flu season in winter.


Yes, as hybrid events show what teams need in order to work together beyond the distance. Especially for companies that work beyond locations, hybrid team events are ideal for this reason in order to initiate a reflection on working together.

Our experience shows that hybrid events can be a good and appropriate alternative for not only the physical but also the pure online team events – but not a replacement. The more in-depth the topics and the bigger the challenges which stand before a team, the more important it is to come together personally.

Which hybrid events does BITOU offer?

We at BITOU reacted quickly to the challenges caused by the worldwide Corona pandemic in summer 2020 and further developed six of our proven team events into hybrid events. These include creative classics such as “Chain Reaction,” a “Hybrid Game Show,” the criminal mystery “Crime Time,” or the outdoor team event “Black Out,” where teams come into action in the fresh air outside. Have a browse: to the hybrid events.

Crimetime Hybrid kleines Motiv

Further hybrid team events

Discover further team events in our section “hybrid”.