Smart Hybrid Challenge – a team event for all locations

  • 4 – 3.000
  • 60-240 minutes
  • Face to Face
Are you planning a team event and looking for a solution stretching across multiple locations? Then the Smart Hybrid Challenge is the right thing for you. Getting from A to B together, a breath of fresh air and feeling a sense of community throughout - no matter the location you and your colleges find yourselves in? You can count on our Smart Hybrid Challenge. And there’s something else: exciting competition, creative challenges and tricky mental tasks.
Smart Hybrid Challenge – a team event for all locations

The concept

Are you looking for a team event which is out in the fresh air but also not only in one location and at different times? Do you want to bring new energy into the team? Our Smart Hybrid Challenge offers the appropriate framework for this. We send colleagues to different locations of your choice in order to solve tricky tasks in small groups. In order to master all of the challenges, the team has to work together tightly! The advantage: the teams can take part in the challenge at the same time or at different times in different cities or places worldwide. All of the teams have to solve the same tasks and in this way come against each other in a hybrid competition.

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How does it work?

The Smart Hybrid Challenge is presented by us over an online conference. The teams receive their instructions from our BITOU presenters through video chat. The participants receive hints and tasks in the form of photo missions, puzzles and construction tasks through their own smartphones over an app. We put together the different tasks and task types individually for your team, depending on how long the challenge should take. Some tasks are related to each other, others can only be solved in a team. The tasks are guaranteed to be diverse and make sure there are new, entertaining twists and challenges.

The locations

The Smart Hybrid Challenge is designed in a way so that it can take place in any urban environment worldwide. We include houses, traffic lights, stops, shops and passersby in the tasks.

How we create orientation

No one gets lost – guaranteed! The team building experts at BITOU take on the complete organisation of the Smart Hybrid Challenge. They are connected via a video conference. The points of contact for your teams are by your side with advice during the whole challenge.

Your individual Smart Hybrid Challenge for your company

We will happily adapt the tasks, the story and the app design of the Smart Hybrid Challenge so that it fits to your motto or the appearance of your company. The Smart Hybrid Challenge is also available as Smart City, Smart Nature and Smart Indoor Challenge.
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At a glance


  • 4 – 3.000
  • 60-240 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Germany, EU and Switzerland
  • Year round
  • German, English
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