24h Le Mans with a difference – at Marbach Castle

24h Le Mans with a difference – at Marbach Castle
24h Le Mans with a difference - at Marbach Castle

24h Le Mans with a difference

A great example of an individual team event was the complete success of our exclusive “Le Mans Race” in the unique ambience of Marbach Castle. The aim of the event was to create an extraordinary experience for the participants that will be remembered for a long time. In this way, a stronger bond between the employees and the company is promoted.

We designed a race track directly in the castle courtyard that was tailored precisely to the wishes of our customers. Here, the participants had the opportunity to compete in a thrilling race with their own self-built e-karts and at the same time demonstrate their stamina and team spirit on the track.

However, as only eight e-karts could drive on the track at any one time, the remaining team members were given exciting tasks that allowed them to complete extra laps. This required the team to work closely together both on and off the track in order to achieve victory. Just like in the original Le Mans race, victory is a team achievement and not an individual driver’s success. The unique combination of thrills, sporting challenge, success and frustration created an authentic racing atmosphere that left unforgettable memories.

This event was a completely new development by BITOU, tailored exclusively to the client’s needs and the local conditions. We understand individualization not only as an adaptation of the existing, but as the art of creating tailor-made events especially for you. Let us inspire you and experience how we can transform your individual wishes into unforgettable experiences.

Whether own branding for the recognizable and individual image, individualization of the contents of our team events and team developments up to the new conception of team events, we offer you the whole range of individual solutions for your company-specific occasion. Individualizations do not only increase the identification of your employees with your company, but also allow a more detailed treatment of your individual topics. In a detailed consultation we will find out together with you how we can individually implement your requirements and create an unforgettable team experience.

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