One Way Out – the team escape room

  • 6 – 100
  • 75 min (without reflection)
  • Virtual | Face to Face
To separate important from unimportant information - teams have to be able to do this nowadays. In these times of information overload, it often comes down to making quick decisions. The aim is to find the only right way and to open up to the particular logic of »One Way Out«. In this gripping escape room module, team roles become visible and perceptible.
main topics:
One Way Out  – the team escape room

Escaping together – The Story

The colleagues find themselves locked in a dreary building and have to find their way out together. Split into random teams of 6 to 8 people, they make their way through the different coloured doors.

Green, red, grey, yellow stand for the different roles that are often taken on in a team. Discoverers, decision makers, structured people and carers. But only one combination of the colours – and therefore team constellation – is correct and leads to the goal.

Which role will you take on? Which one will your colleagues take on? Being able to recognise and reflect on the roles in the team can help you in everyday working life. The advice and accompaniment of our BITOU team trainers shows you how you can integrate this reflection into your working day in order to optimise working processes – with the acceptance of the whole team.

One way out klassisch Motiv klein

How you create positive learning effects for your team with the escape room »One Way Out«


With »One Way Out« there really is only one way out: it leads you through green, red, grey and yellow doors. Each colour stands for a particular role in the team: decision makers, discoverers, structured people or carers. Do you just need a colour combination? Or is there only one correct colour? It depends on you making decisions on a factual level. »One Way Out« makes it clear: factual communication leads to success and strengthens the understanding for the distribution of roles in a team.

Learning effects

»One Way Out« sets valuable impulses for your team and recognises the different roles and perspectives that are already in your team. Smoldering conflicts and disagreements can be recognised early. With the escape room »One Way Out«, we encourage communication amongst colleagues and create positive effects for the working situation in your team.


The more the team is unsuccessful (time and progress), the more factual the work in the team becomes.

Possible occasions

  • Find solutions for problems on a factual and relationship level
  • Reflection and optimisation of team collaboration
  • Roles in the team are unclear
  • Team conflicts: “A quarreling bunch becomes a functioning team”
  • Team goals were not reached


The escape room module »One Way Out Online« can be carried out online or on-site. The required time is rather short in comparision to the output.

Customer reviews

“In the course of establishing a new department, we used One Way out as an analysis tool. This allowed us to gain knowledge of where and how we could still strengthen and optimize the envisaged team constellation.”

HR management of a large automotive manufacturer

At a glance

Included services

  • Extenisve advice beforehand
  • Implementation and presentation (on-site or online)
  • Licence costs
  • Measured results with analysis
  • Tablet PCs
  • Analysis and reflection by our team trainer*

*only available if you book the active module with trainer.


  • 6 – 100
  • 75 min (without reflection)
  • Virtual | Face to Face
  • Europe (virtuell worldwide)
  • German, English
  • 1 m2 per participant, at least 20 m2
  • Year round

Suitable for

  • Teams on all hieratic levels
  • Exsisting teams and teams in their developmental phase

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