Wir bei BITOU sind Nachdenker, Macher, Strategen, Herzensmenschen, Kreativköpfe und Unterhaltungskünstler.

Give the impulse and suddenly there is so much joint, positive energy.

Bei einem Teamtraining steht das Team selbst im Mittelpunkt.
Teamentwicklung – braucht mein Unternehmen das?
Teambuilding verbessert auch Ihr Unternehmen.

Our Teamevent Highlights

BITOU offers special ideas for your Christmas party. Whether physical or virtual, there is surely something appropriate for you and your team to choose from.

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Spending the lunch break together as a team? Starting the weekend with a playful round after work? This welds everyone together and is lots of fun! Can a terrific atmosphere arise despite the distance – like at a horse racing event on a sunny afternoon? We say yes…

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The hacker strikes again! The IT system is down and the data is encrypted. But luckily, the hacker was pretty careless and left a trace. Which team can manage to unlock the company’s server and save all of the data in the given time?

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Mission to Mars ist ein unterhaltsames Teamevent rund um die Kommunikation.

Countless pieces of information bombard teams every day. But what is important and explosive? Which data needs to be archived? Where are the experts with deep, specialist knowledge needed? And which information should definitely be shared with the whole team?

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BITOU-Eventfinder jetzt passendes Teamevent finden.

Searching, finding, doing

Find an appropriate team event quickly and easily with the BITOU event finder


All participants take part in the team event online.

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A combination of virtual and personal event participation.

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All participants meet in person.

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Great customers and projects

Haka-Teamevent für Tui

„It was interesting to sense how powerful such a community can be. In the working environment you often stand alone, but in the Haka you notice that there are so many others there that support you.“

– Andrea Zaremba,
Sales Office Mid/South

“You can’t build good teams – but you can instigate their emergence!”

2000 Colleagues Pull Together

2000 Colleagues Pull Together

Apprentice Team Event Creates a Great Start

Apprentice Team Event Creates a Great Start

Bei Fragen einfach anstupsen. Wir beraten Sie gerne.

Team building – impulses for a turbulent time

What does my team need in order to remain strong and productive through changes? How do I lead from a distance, how do I strengthen my team in home office? Can you make online meetings more lively? And how do we greet new colleagues from different cultures?

We at BITOU are experts in team building. Each one of our team events is unique – because every team needs different impulses! With experience, professional competence and creative ideas, we will accompany you through a quick and agile world of work.

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We at BITOU are also always reinventing ourselves – as a team and with our offers for teams. At the beginning, our events mostly revolved around fun and entertainment. But it became ever clearer to us how teams grow through joint experiences. It’s worth guiding and reflecting on this!
This is how we developed ourselves further as the hosts for team building and events that bring content, sense and new impulses to teams. Fun and entertainment remained throughout – as a door opener!

And today? We now offer many of our team building classics online, as hybrid team events or as especially sustainable “green events”. Digitalisation, Lockdown, Work 4.0: with each new demand in the world of work, there comes new ideas and offers from us to allow teams to grow. Constant change has become part of BITOU’s DNA. With this sharpened view, we will support you with your team development.

Browse through our offer, give us a call, try out how team building has an affect and works in these special times. Or as we like to say: BITOU your Team.


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