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Our team events provide entertainment and a pleasant change away from the daily office life. They strengthen team building and bonding through enjoyable and game-based activities. No matter if they are outdoor, indoor, online or hybrid

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Teamevent Teambuilding

Our game-based activities for team development support your team through valuable learning experiences and provides take-aways for their own further development

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Teamentwicklung Teamtraining

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Team Event or Team Development?

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Before you decide on a specific team activity, you should double check your goal. Team events and team development have in common that they strengthen the team spirit and increase the overall motivation. Still, there are further essential differences.

Check this list to find the right event for your team!

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Teamentwicklung Teamtraining

More effective team development

How our activities and trainers reinforce the learning experience

To find team development methods that actually work can be even for experienced managers a challenge. That is why we have focused on this exact topic: Our active modules contribute with precious learning impulses to the development of your teams. A significant part of our teamwork is – next to participating in an experimental learning situation – is the follow-up reflection and evaluation of the behaviours of the team as well as the measurability of the team performance and further indicators in comparison to other companies. This is how we encourage changing processes, strengthen learning effects in your team and support the development of new skills, attitudes, and ways of thinking. This leads to the possibility to actively influence the team development that is beneficial for your company goals.

Our Most Popular Active Modules for Your Team Development


Team Events – Time that welds together

How we bring fun and more variety to your work outing

Our team events are all about entertainment and a pleasant change away from the daily office life. They strengthen the team building and bonding in entertaining and playful modules. To get to know each other in a less formal environment, share successes, gain communal experiences that strengthens the bonding to your company – all of that is part of our team events. Usually, they are moderated, which means that all necessary instructions are contributed via tablet or smartphone and support you during the event. You can easily integrate our team events into your programme – outdoor, indoor, online and hybrid – Germany- and throughout the whole of Europe. If you wish, we are going to brand your team event with your CD and have one of our team trainers at your side at all times.

Our Most Popular Team Events

Individualised Team Events

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The customisation of already existing event formats as well as new conceptualisations.

If you are looking for team events to suit your own individual needs and preferences than you will discover the possibilities of our customised team events or team development for your company here.


Team Events and Team Development – We Are BITOU

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