Your Evaluation

The following evaluation will point out which areas you and your team can optimise in to further advance the team’s development.

The imbalances do not seem to be a problem for your team.
Indicates that these imbalances could be a problem.
Indicates that this imbalance is very likely to need attention.

How to Proceed From Here:

Get an in-depth consultation

Based on your evaluation, we will be happy to advise you free of charge and in detail on possible approaches to train your team on specific topics and reduce existing imbalances. Send us your request with your preferred date for a consultation.


If you would like to receive a link to your test report, please enter your e-mail address here. Please note that your test report will be stored at BITOU together with your e-mail address.

Choose a suitable coaching programme for your analysis results

Our special active modules deal with different topics of team development in a ” game-like approach” with the help of which existing imbalances can be overcome. Our team trainers analyse the results and help your team to identify, reflect and optimise unused areas of potential growth.

Here you will find suitable activity modules for your requirements.

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Choose a suitable team trainer for your analysis results

Each of our activity modules covers specific development topics of teamwork. This also applies to our team trainers, who will support you with their specialised know-how, experience and passion. Our trainers are experts in their field – they are trained in a variety of team development methods and topics that will bring your team forward in the long term.

Here you can find the right team trainer for your requirements.

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